Carpets for Taunton & Wellington

At C & C Carpets, Curtains, Beds & Blinds we understand that buying carpet is not just about the latest style or colour. Choosing the right products for your needs and lifestyle is essential when purchasing carpets. There are many things to consider, like wear and tear and whether it is easy to clean and pet and child proof.

The carpet selection we have comes from all over the world. We select the ranges we believe will provide you with exactly what you are looking for, whether it be based upon durability, style, colour, texture, price or just purely a luxurious feel.

Several of our ranges are available in “waste saving” 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 meter widths, whereas a common trend only supplies 4 or 5 meter width carpet. Our ranges are great for whatever area you are looking for because it can cut down on your waste, thus saving you money!

Our stock ranges have large samples for you to peruse and even take home to get a better feel for how these products will look and feel in your home. If you wish to see a much larger piece, we can take you to our warehouse where we pull out a roll for you to look at and feel!

We have a huge selection of carpets available either to order or in stock ready for immediate same day delivery. Stop by to check out the selection available in our warehouse.

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